• Bennett College, Halcyon Hall, Millbrook NY

    Posted on February 18th, 2012 The Millbrook Times No comments

    The only word that describes this building properly is creepy. I have posted a link to a You Tube story of the building and a little history. It was built in the 1890s as a resort hotel but later became what was called Bennett Junior College. It was a very fancy finishing school for fine young women. Many brought their horses to accompany them and I remember when I was young it was still flourishing. By the late 1970s with the economy in a deep depression, the school sadly closed up. Many developers tried to buy the property but none succeeded. In fact there is a developer now trying to get approval for a large number of dreaded condominiums (or is it condominia) but I am sure they just propose to knock down Halcyon Hall and use the land.

    But there was a time when all the New York swells would send their daughters to a safe finishing school where they could even hope to get a ring by the spring and maybe even their MRS before graduating.

    Foxie I still remember you!

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