• Another Chicken Poem, Gory but Not By Me

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    Hatchet Time

    In our
    early teen
    at the

    we fed and
    the chickens
    in their red
    chicken house.

    if memory

    In the fall
    they lay
    one by one
    on a fat apple
    tree stump

    And their
    bright red combs,
    were lopped off
    sharp axed

    Did you know
    that chickens
    can really run around
    with their heads
    cut off?

  • Bucket List

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    I saw an old friend over in Nyack last Sunday and we started talking about bucket lists. He had a great theory. He has a bucket list of things he never wants to do. He didn’t tell me what was on it other than that he had no interest in ever going to India. My readers may suggest other ideas of what should never be on a bucket list.
    No, I’m not taking the Kentucky Derby off my list.

  • Senior Moment

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    Not sure why the below article caught my attention, maybe because of all the bad publicity about police attacking unarmed civilians. This one is about an unarmed civilian attacking the police, a man bites dog kind of story.

    Florida man pretending to be a cop tried pulling over two detectives, police say

    Two undercover detectives said they thought were being pulled over by a police officer in Fort Myers, Fla., on Saturday. But the car with flashing white and blue lights didn’t belong to a police officer, but to a 69-year-old man who authorities then arrested.

    John Arthur Benedict has been charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, a felony, and unlawful use of police insignia on a car, a misdemeanor. He posted $6,500 bond Sunday.

    “Benedict falsely impersonated an officer, and took it upon himself to act as such by initiating a traffic stop in a vehicle that has the appearance as a law enforcement vehicle,” the Lee County Sheriff’s Office incident report reads.

    Police impersonator attempting to pull over cars in Fairfax County

    The detectives were driving an unmarked car when they saw a white Crown Victoria following closely behind them; they thought it belonged to law enforcement, according to the incident report. Lights flashed from the front windshield of the car, so the detective behind the wheel pulled over.

    But the Crown Vic continued driving past the detectives and pulled into a parking lot, according to the incident report. The detectives followed, then told the driver they were deputy sheriff’s officers and asked the driver if he was a member of law enforcement. He wasn’t.

    Speaking to NBC affiliate WBBH, Benedict described the event as a “senior moment.” He also denied that he was previously arrested in another state for impersonating a police officer, a claim made in the incident report by his ex-wife after she arrived on the scene.

    The Crown Vic had flashing headlights and a white-and-blue strobe light in its windshield, authorities said. According to the report, the car also had a “police interceptor” emblem, which Benedict said he bought and installed “because he believed the vehicle was police edition.”

    Benedict’s son told investigators that his father has helped law enforcement before by turning on his flashing lights after a traffic crash.

    The car was towed and impounded. Benedict faces a May court date. He looks pretty much like a cop to me.

    Why do these guys always have three names? JOHN-ARTHUR-BENEDICT-large

  • Peter Sellers Strikes Again

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    I got many comments on the Peter Sellers Pink Panther video. The reader who sent me the first one sent me the below which is just as good. He was a mad genius, Peter Sellers that is, not the reader, enjoy.

  • Have They No Respect for Tradition?

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    alpha delta house dartmouth

    We have a great friend who was a dean at Dartmouth during the Animal House days. He was thrown out of his office by the students. Of course those that remember John Belushi’s great line when the dean expelled him was “Ah 7 years down the drain/” They dont make movies like that anymore and I for one miss them.
    Dartmouth College ordered the Alpha Delta fraternity, inspiration for the movie “Animal House,” to close after finding students branded the flesh of chapter members.
    Alpha Delta branded 11 new members with the fraternity’s letters in November, a practice dating back to the Class of 2008, according to a letter to the fraternity published by Dartblog, a website run by an alumnus.
    “This is an overtly condoned and long-standing practice of the organization,” Alexandra Waltemeyer, the college’s assistant director of judicial affairs, said in the April 13 letter.
    Alpha Delta violated the terms of a suspension in place at the time of the branding, Diana Lawrence, a spokeswoman, said in a statement. The fraternity has until April 20 to appeal. The college may withdraw recognition of the fraternity regardless of the outcome of the appeal, she said.
    George Ostler, a Norwich, Vermont, lawyer representing the chapter, declined to comment. In March, he called the brands “a form of self-expression, similar to body piercing or tattooing,” and said that students voluntarily agreed to have them.
    Violated Suspension
    Alpha Delta had been suspended through March 29 because of rule infractions related to drinking and partying. While the branding didn’t constitute hazing, it was an “organizational activity” and thus violated the terms of the suspension, the letter said.
    After a fraternity loses recognition, town ordinances prohibit more than three unrelated people from living at the chapter house, according to the letter. Dartmouth has offered housing to all students involved, said Lawrence, who confirmed the letter’s authenticity.
    In the past two years, Alpha Delta has been fined for serving alcohol to minors, apologized for co-hosting a “Crips and Bloods” party and had a member admit to urinating from a second-story balcony onto a woman below.
    Dartmouth President Philip Hanlon belonged to Alpha Delta while at the Hanover, New Hampshire school, and graduated in 1977, a year before “Animal House” portrayed out-of-control behavior at the fraternity. Since taking office in 2013, Hanlon has defended Greek life while working to curb misconduct and heavy drinking. This year, he instituted a campus ban on hard liquor.

  • Great Photo of Downtown Havana

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    We went to Havana maybe 8 years ago with a group of preservatioists from New York State. It is a country time forgot. Now that it is opening up to the USA I predict in 5 years it will never look the same. I remember when we arrived at Jose Marti Airport late at night the city of 2,000,000 had no lights on, no late night electricity, but it is a magnificent city much like Pompeii except for all the 1950s cars still running.

    havana skyline

  • From a Reader Who Suggested I Include Poems and Knows I Have Chickens

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    fowl play

    occurs when chickens cheat
    each other of crumbs
    in their chicken coops
    or when they simply
    organize games to pass
    the otherwise boring time
    they spend cooped up
    all days and nights

  • New Hope For The Dead

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    That used to be the title of an imaginary article in the Reader’s Digest but the below article is fascinating but disturbing, if you think it would be a good idea for all of us to live to be 150 read on. I for one think there are better ways for your average billionaire to spend his money, maybe buy the Knicks and buy some good players.

    Written by Ariana Eunjung Cha
    Published on April 4, 2015
    Seated at the head of a table for 12 with a view of the city’s soaring skyline, Peter Thiel was deep in conversation with his guests, eclectic scientists whose research was considered radical, even heretical.

    It was 2004 and Thiel had recently made a tidy fortune selling PayPal, which he co-founded, to eBay. He had spent what he wanted on himself — a posh penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel and a silver Ferrari — and was now soliciting ideas to do good with his money.

    The Human Upgrade:
    Using their ideas and their billions, the visionaries who created Silicon Valley’s biggest technology firms are trying to transform the most complicated system in existence: the human body.
    Illustration by Sébastien Thibault
    Among the guests was Cynthia Kenyon, a molecular biologist and biogerontologist who had garnered attention for doubling the life span of a roundworm by disabling a single gene. Aubrey de Grey, a British computer scientist turned theoretician who prophesied that medical advances would stop aging. And Larry Page, co-founder of an Internet search darling called Google that had big ideas to improve health through the terabytes of data it was collecting.

    The chatter at the dinner party meandered from the value of chocolate in one’s diet to the toll of disease on the U.S. economy to the merits of uploading people’s memories to a computer versus cryofreezing their bodies. Yet the focus kept returning to one subject: Was death an inevitability — or a solvable problem?

    A number of guests were skeptical about achieving immortality. But could science and technology help us live longer, to, say, 150 years? Now that, they agreed, was a worthy goal.

    Within a few months, Thiel had written checks to Kenyon and de Grey to accelerate their work. Since then he has doled out millions to other researchers with what he calls “breakout” ideas that defy conventional wisdom.

    “If you think you can only do very little and be very incremental, then you’ll work only on very incremental things. It’s self-fulfilling,” Thiel, who is 47 and estimated to be worth $2.2 billion, said in an interview. “It’s those who have an optimism about what can be done that will shape the future.”

    He and the tech titans who founded Google, Facebook, eBay, Napster and Netscape are using their billions to rewrite the nation’s science agenda and transform biomedical research. Their objective is to use the tools of technology — the chips, software programs, algorithms and big data they used in creating an information revolution — to understand and upgrade what they consider to be the most complicated piece of machinery in existence: the human body.

    The entrepreneurs are driven by a certitude that rebuilding, regenerating and reprogramming patients’ organs, limbs, cells and DNA will enable people to live longer and better. The work they are funding includes hunting for the secrets of living organisms with insanely long lives, engineering microscopic nanobots that can fix your body from the inside out, figuring out how to reprogram the DNA you were born with, and exploring ways to digitize your brain based on the theory that your mind could live long after your body expires.

    “I believe that evolution is a true account of nature,” as Thiel put it. “But I think we should try to escape it or transcend it in our society.”

  • Hot Money at the Millbrook Diner

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    I received the below comment from a reader in Millbrook

    “Went in yesterday for lunch and had to pay with a $100 bill. They said can you please write down your name and telephone number as they’d been having trouble with counterfeit one hundreds! and wanted to let the people passing them know.”


    I havent been to the Diner recently if you were thinking to ask but my #2 son went in Sunday for breakfast and bought this neat bottle of olive oil which comes from the farm of the owner in Greece. The diner has been there for about 60 years and old timers tell me there was another older diner there before this beauty.

  • Can Spring be Far Behind…Yes

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    It snowed all day yesterday, only an inch or two but all day long. March 28th! A neighbor lost most of her apple trees this winter due to high snow and some other winter related factors. She thinks it might be voles because she said they may have to get a cat like Nipsy, a skilled hunter.
    march 28 snow