• Blackstone of the Death Squad

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    blackstone w mouseBlackstone is a barn cat. We tried unsuccessfully to convert him to a house cat but it didn’t work (don’t ask). He is a traveling man and will disappear from a few days to several months but always seems to show up for food or attention. He has become a skilled hunter as the above picture will confirm. He hates the dogs, will taunt them when they are in the kennel and will high tail it up a tree when they are on the run.
    He loves milk but a friend who has a cat infestation problem tells me milk is very bad for cats. I keep feeding Blackstone milk every chance I get, doesn’t seem to do him any harm..

  • Alfred Joyce Kilmer- A hundred Years Ago

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    The famous poet and perhaps the most famous casualty of the First World War wrote the poem Trees. “I think I shall never see/ a poem lovely as a tree.”
    What few know or remember is that Kilmer graduated from Columbia College in the class of 1908 and before he died in battle wrote another poem in honor of 18 comrades who were buried alive when a German artillery shell landed on the roof of a trench killing other members of the Fighting 69th. In the woods of Rouge Bouquet he wrote:

    And up to heaven’s doorway floats
    From the wood called Rouge Bouquet
    A delicate cloud of bugle notes
    That softly say:


  • Travel Flops

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    https://www.yahoo.com/travel/the-world-s-biggest-and-c1409215305996.htmlThe key to any successful vacation is in the planning. The same can be said for making a vacation destination a thriving hot spot. But as it turns out, many tourist attractions weren’t thought through that well. Case in point: Revel Casino. After two years in business and over $2 billion poured down the drain, the luxury resort and casino in Atlantic City just announced that it would be closing its doors forever in September.
    Our governor based on that success decided it was time to have five major casinos built in New York State. Stay tuned and give about 5 years and you will see the same result here in the Empire State.

    And while this seems to be a big fail, it isn’t the worst travel flop on record.

    Shockingly, there are lots of hotels, entertainment parks, and even beaches that have proved the saying “the devil is in the details.” I think the most amusing is the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, an obvious destination resort, what could they have been thinking?.

  • A Quote from Pretty Boy Floyd

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    When the police had him surrounded his final words were “Have at it boys. It’s been that kind of day.”
    Now I had to do some research as I found this quote in James Lee Burke’s new book Wayfaring Stranger. So I checked on the internet and found the following:

    Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd (February 3, 1904 – October 22, 1934) was an American bank robber. He operated in the Midwest and West South Central States, and his criminal exploits gained widespread press coverage in the 1930s. Like most other prominent outlaws of that era, he was killed by policemen. Historians have speculated as to which officers were at the event, local or the FBI, known accounts document that local officers Robert “Pete” Pyle and George Curran were present at his fatal shooting and also at his embalming.[1] Floyd has continued to be a familiar figure in American popular culture, sometimes seen as notorious, but at other times viewed as a tragic figure, partly a victim of the hard times of the Great Depression in the United States.

    If you have an interest in more details you can cut and paste the below link.


    He was killed in Ohio after being named Public Enemy #! by J. Edgar Hoover but I couldn’t confirm the quote which sounds right to me.

  • Grand Plan, Less is More

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    I am in a major selling mood. This car is going on Sunday and I will finally start to own fewer things. I have this vision of only having one blank room and a chair when I finish getting rid of things that take up space and arent either useful or wanted. OK I love old cars but how many can you drive or even work on or enjoy?a 180 bronson yellow

  • Summer Doldrums

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    I’ve got ‘em and haven’t written much lately, just don’t feel like it. This may be a relief for my friend Richard, a famous comedian, who lives in Los Angeles and claims to love my blog before his head drops down and he goes to sleep. I wish his comedy had the same affect on me but I have to admit he is a genius (of sorts).

    Anyway I do get a lot of contributions most of which I don’t post so I will post a few below. I get two poems a week, one from my older brother and one from a close friend who took early retirement from IBM to become a writer and now a poet. My brother’s tend to be reminiscences of periods long gone. He is ten years older than I am, and Frank’s poems are often very dark and not depressing but sadly realistic. I will post the poems I received this week.

    My rival blogger seems to have cooled down also. The last blog had to do with his tick bite and his sunburned hands on his fishing boat because he forgot that you can’t go in the sun when you ore on Doxiciline. He does have a new boat which looks impressive but not to me.

    Lauren, who is a friend, and yes invented reality TV!!! has a weekly news blog on woman’s issues which seems to be going from good to better and she is piling up readers by the thousands. Her blog address is lzsundaypaper.com and I recommend it for great and interesting reading on the subject of woman’s issues, tech issues and a whole lot of other subjects. She’s not fooling around.

  • My Friend Frank’s Poem to Email Addicts

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    are a simple, convenient, fast
    method of sending a message
    by actually writing it
    (using a pencil, marker or pen)
    on a stiff paper card
    on which you glue a ‘stamp’
    then dropping that card
    into a metal box
    from which a person in blue
    will pick it up
    and send it by physical means
    to its destination

  • A Recent Poem From My Brother about my Father

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    The Century’s Wars

    I’m not good at birthdates
    but have always remembered my stepfather’s,
    for his was the day
    the Great War ended.
    We have a photo of him in France,
    on a hill overlooking the Rhine,
    a tall, clean shaven, young marine
    in breeches, boots and campaign hat
    hands on hips, legs spread,
    seeming to tower like a monument
    over the river’s far bank.

    There’s another photo of him,
    on Saipan,
    carbine in hand,
    soiled battle fatigues,
    helmet with chin strap hanging open,
    looking smaller than I’d ever seen him look.
    That was the day
    his friend’s son died there,
    a friend he’d carried
    from a battlefield in France.

  • The Case of the Missing Blackberry/iPhone

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    My loyal readers might remember a few years ago when I thought I lost my cell phone, only to later find in in a cooler along with some frozen birds.

    Well a few weeks ago i had to go to California for one day. I was pretty well wiped out when I got back on the plane to come home and somehow my Blackberry disappeared in the plane seat. I waited until the plane emptied and a mechanic and the cleaning crew tried unsuccessfully to find it. For the record they did find all sorts of trash that was never cleaned but no cell phone. Fast forward two weeks. I decided to fly up to the iPhone get all the latest apps and finally give up on the Blackberry company which is barely surviving.
    Well I don’t like it, the keyboard touch pad is small and fine if you are a mandolin player, but my fingers can’t get used to it. I can or rather could have returned it for a modest restocking fee until this morning when once again I was on a plane. It slipped from my pocket and once again it disappeared into the seat.

    This time I was sure it was somewhere under the seat but couldn’t find it until I brought the seat up from the reclining position and heard a crunching sound. I found the iPhone. It still works but the glass and case are pretty well smashed. This may be the answer for me.old fashioned phone

  • Baseball and Summertime

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    Our local minor league baseball team is called the Harlem Valley Renegades. When they arrived here there was a contest for the name and I submitted the Harlem Valley Dutchmen, which I guess was considered politically incorrect.

    Anyway the town built a beautiful stadium over in Fishkill and although it is in deep financial trouble, I fully intend to support the team by attending a game this year, preferably on a hot summer afternoon.

    Here is a minor league donnybrook or as Red Barber used to call it, a “real rhubarb.”