• Words SAT

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    There was an article in the paper this week about the SAT exam eliminating complicated words. I can’t gainsay this decision although you wont find me lachrimose about it. I am cognizant of the fact that unfettered use of words is superficial.

    All of this reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Marge gets Homer subliminal diet tapes to listen to while he sleeps. he thinks he is listening at night to diet tapes and in fact is listening to tapes to improve his vocabulary.
    So he starts gaining enormous weight but is using complicated and sophisticated sentences. I don’t think the episode is available on line but if any of my readers can get access to it, I will post it, absolute genius.

  • April 15th 2014

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    We got three inches of snow, the latest I can ever remember. Our neighbor sent a few pictures. Weather this weekend is supposed to be high 50s and I am finally turning on the outside water which means I can clean a car, run water to the chickens, fill up the water tanks in the fields and maybe even take a shower (outside.)

  • Natural Foods and Healthy Eating

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    I have a friend, a doctor who says vitamans are a waste of money, just eat regular food, not to excess and your requirements for vitamans will be well take care of. In spite of that I am always slightly taken in by things like Cherrios which are good for your heart and kale the new fashionable vegetable.

    But here are two pictures that really have me wondering.

    If you didn’t make corm muffins out of “real corn” what would you use and as for Duraflame logs made out of natural products, is wax a natural product?

  • Mellish Reef and My Friend from Ulster County- Trouble in Paradise

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    I have been a ham radio operator since I was in high school although I am not very active anymore. I do keep in touch with Les who lives over near Gardiner New York on the other side of the Hudson. He is still very much involved and active and has become one of the hams that goes to very distant mostly uninhabited islands and puts them on the air. One of the most remote locations in the world is Mellish Reef. Les and a group of hams went there two weeks ago to set up a portable operation for a week.
    Here is a before picture at Mackey 600 miles north of Brisbane on the northeast coast of Australia having a departure dinner before going for four days by boat to the most distant reef in the Coral Sea.

    Mellish reef in uninhabitated by man and at high tide is only 600 yards long by 120 yards wide.The reef is home to thousands of nesting seabirds of all species, a large population of nocturnal hermit crabs and a myriad of sand flies, ticks and lice. Here is a friend who will greet the intrepid travelers.

    Well they set up their stations although the weather was very bad and the crossing by boat was treacherous and nauseating. After two days of intermittant operating I found the following on the internet.

    Due to the ever-worsening weather associated with an impending tropical storm, the team decided in the interest of safety to end the operation early.

    “The last night on the island was extremely difficult. With continued heavy rain and wind, radio operations were nearly impossible. We have set sail for the Australian coast and seek a course to keep ahead of the storm that caused us to leave the reef.”

    More details when and if Les returns.

  • One Armed Man

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    Ok I rant and rave about television programming but in fact I have become addicted. I went for Netflix, watch Homeland and wait for the next series of Downton Abbey (although I admit I enjoy it more with subtitles). I feel better that I have admitted this. There is a reason that bookstores are folding like cheap accordions. It’s so much easier to be spoonfed than read a book. The house still looks a little like the Collier Brothers left their book collection here but now the one eyed monster is front and center.

    I do have one complaint… you get a very empty feeling when one of these series keeps you hanging until next year. I want resolution. I mean how is it possible that Frank Underwood is President of the United States and I have to wait until next year to find out what happens.

    Now on to the One Armed Man. Who remembers him and what finally happened to the Fugitive?

  • Latest from Millbrook and the Thorne Building

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    For local readers the below letter relates to the long time vacant building in the center of Millbrook which has finally been taken over by the town and hopefully wont again fall into the wrong hands. What should be done with this beautiful building? Any ideas will be shared with our readers.

    Laura M. Hurley 35 Merritt Avenue
    Mayor P.O. Box 349
    Millbrook, N.Y. 12545
    Linda T. Wiltse Tel: (845) 677-3939
    Clerk/Treasurer Fax: (845) 677-3972

    April 1, 2014

    For Immediate Release

    The Village of Millbrook Board of Trustees announces that the Village of Millbrook and the Thorne Project Ltd. have mutually agreed to rescind the existing Thorne Building lease. The parties agreed to a monetary settlement in full satisfaction of work and improvements performed at the Thorne Building over the duration of the lease. The settlement, in the amount of $20,000, effectively extinguishes any Thorne Project Ltd. rights to the property.
    In 2008, Thorne Project Ltd. principles, Michael & Erica Downing, approached the Village Board with a bold proposal to launch an arts and entertainment center to be located in the then vacant Thorne Building. After a year of negotiations, a lease was signed on February 24, 2009 that contained several contingencies regarding building improvements and division of work. On March 9, 2010, the Thorne Project Ltd offered to accept full responsibility for all of the required building improvements in exchange for further considerations from the Village. Multiple attempts were made to renegotiate the original lease agreement, however all attempts at renegotiation proved unsuccessful.
    Five Years after entering into the original lease agreement with the Thorne Project Ltd, the village is released from the obligation and hopeful that a positive use of the Thorne Building will be realized. Ideally, the Board of Trustees envisions that the Thorne Building can function as a cultural center contributing to the economic vitality of the community without causing an undue fiscal burden to our Village of Millbrook residents.

    Laura M. Hurley

  • Rosetta Stone and Other Self Improvement Projects

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    I read a few years ago that when a person gets older they should keep their mind sharp by learning a new language. I think that is the theory and I assume success of Rosetta Stone. Is there anyone out there who has actually learned a language from tapes or more accurately CDs?

    Based on the $500 investment in Rosetta Stone language CDs, I am reminded about the old story of Arthur Murray, the dance studios; “Arthur Murray teaches you to dance your way to the poor house.”

    I suspect if someone wants to buy the CDs, he or she should look at the nearest tag sale. They will be near the old Reader’s Digests collection, the vacuum cleaner, and the exercise equipment that went down to the basement after the best intentions were abandoned.

  • An Unbelievable Story or Is It?

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    Below is a story, sent by one of our readers. I should follow up to see what happened subsequently, but it is about a college advisor who received $2,000,000 to get two Chinese students into Harvard. When he didn’t succeed he was sued by the parents.


  • Another Sports Event From the Olympics

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    A nephew who is writing a book about the 1936 Olympic rowing team from Washington State ( underdogs at the Berlin Olympics in ’36) recently had an article published on Slate.com. We received many comments about Ron Delaney the great Irish Olympic champ. These guys were even longer shots for a medal.




  • Spring? Not Yet

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    Here are several signs that Spring is still a way off. The eagles are all over the valley. They migrate but maybe because of the cold winter they have hung around longer than usual. The picture on the left was taken this week by a neighbor down in the big maple in the lower field. they have been feasting on a lot of winter deer kill. The other picture of the hill across the road from the house April 1 and still some snow.