• It Just Gets Crazier and Crazier

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    There is a famous story told about Al Smith, the first Catholic to runs for President. In those days and now also there was a terrible prejudice against minorities in this country. Particularly in the South they said that if Smith were elected he would move the Vatican to Washington DC.

    When he lost the election he told people that he sent a telegram to the Pope. It had one word “UNPACK””

    Mike Huckabee’s belief — which has no basis in fact -

    Huckabee: Obama ‘probably’ wants to make Americans memorize the Quran

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/mike-huckabee-obama-koran-216155#ixzz3sLhyxgSB

  • Negotiators

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    I have a friend with a terrific blog LZ Sunday News about women’s issues (lzsundaypaper.com). This week there is an article about a course given by the City of Boston to teach negotiating skills to women. I think that the Harvard Business School also offers courses in negotiating.

    The best line I ever heard about negotiating was by Eugene McCarthy who when someone said his opponent was the best negotiator in the world, he said “That’s like being the best accordian player in the world.”

  • Two Homes For Sale for the Discriminating Reader

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    When my father bought the farm in 1951, land in Dutchess County was for sale for $100 an acre. In the 1970s the MaCauley Farm here in Clove Valley, 700 acres with three good houses and barns in good condition sold for $175,000. I know about present value but the below seems to tell a story that may not have a happy ending.

    Condos or Co-ops in Manhattan with 2 bedrooms
    126 West 22nd Street #12S (price decreased)
    2 beds 2.5 baths 2,810 ft²
    Condo in Chelsea

    condo chelsea

    Newburgh, NY 12550
    Single-Family Home
    3 Bedrooms
    1 full Bathroom
    1,450 sqft
    Lot size: 0.46 acres
    Built in 1956
    from: $25,000
    Foreclosure Estimate: $169,742
    newburgh ny house

  • Truffles and Local Pigs

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    One of our regular readers sent a video and picture of her two pigs rooting around under some trees. She reports that so far they have found nothing and sadly they probably are unlikely to before Winter.
    I don’t really know much about that business other than that truffles are very rare, very rich and I for one have never liked them that much. However a major truffle find in Millbrook would be a great story and might start another Hudson Valley farm to market business like cheeses or honey or apples or whatever.
    If any of our readers knows about truffles I would be happy to publish the information.
    pigs truffles

  • Apples

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    This was the best year of apples in memory. We had them all, Macouns early, Romes, Cortlands and Red Delicious as late as last week.
    I can’t cook very well (make that at all) but I became a little crazy about first apple juice and then baked apples and finally a winter supply of apple sauce. Thanks to a friend Pam, from over on Old Killearn Road, a great cook, who told me to stop peeling them and just core them and cook them.

    apples bakedapples 3 kinds

    apples sauce pan

  • A Story for Armistice Day

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    Here is a sad but wonderful story of twins back together after 70 years. Of course it is now known as Veterans Day but still evokes memories in my family of the end of the Great War.


  • Auto Accident and Barter Deal

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    We had an automobile accident at the traffic circle in Clove Valley, no one hurt but rather than exchange information I agreed to email the young woman who was the other participant. We agreed to exchange information by email. She received the email because she said my name. She didn’t want to report the accident and other than a sore hand, I’m fine. Well no response to my email, which I interpret as either she was texting, didn’t have a license, it was suspended or some other reason. My car is at Joe Que’s Auto Body in Poughkeepsie where quite a bit of work will have to be done. Macario, a friend who works at Joe Que’s and is a magician with auto body work took about 4 minutes to pull the bumper off the wheel and my car may not look pretty but it runs well. Here is what the barter was for his work, a good deal all around…. except for three roosters.
    macario chickens

  • Millbrook Diner, Sad Story

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    I had posted a story recently which one of our readers corrected. Millbrook is a small town and when something like violence takes place it is real news. So below is the accurate and correct story. The sad part is that the Millbrook Diner is part of the fabric of this small town and we hope that it continues as it has for the last 60 years (maybe more).

    The perp, who is the waitress’s husband and also a cook there killed his mother. He is the brother of the owner’s wife. He killed her mother too, and the grandmother of their two kids. I think the waitress is in jail as an accomplice along with the cook. In the interest of accuracy they are from Pleasant Valley and the cook’s mother’s body was left in South Carolina. millbrook diner

  • Our Records Indicate

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    I got a post card from an outrageously expensive dermatologist. It said “our records indicate it is time for your follow-up skin exam.”
    My records indicate that I have no intention of ever seeing him again!

  • Take the Money

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    I was looking for a scene where Woody Allen robs the bank and gets caught because the teller cant read his writing. “I have a gub” no it says “gun.” I couldnt find it so here is a scene where he is on the chain gang in Mississippi. This movie was made when he was still very funny.