• College Football

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    While writing below about professional football I went to see how my Alma Mater Columbia was doing this season. Columbia is still living in the glory of their Rose Bowl victory over Stanford back in 1934. Of late they are embarrassingly bad and this year is no exception. They have lost every game including losses to Albany and Monmouth who I assume were added to the schedule to give them a fighting chance. When I discussed the team with a friend who works and went to Princeton he sent the following email:

    “Yes, Princeton is in fast company among those who have conquered the mighty Lions. I have a scheduling tip: Princeton played Davidson a couple of weeks ago, whose only win in the past 2 year has been against someplace called College of Hope. I would expect that their schedule is filling up fast, but perhaps it isn’t too late.”

    I responded: “There is no Hope.” Here is a video of the victory way back when…

  • End of the Season

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    It’s starting to get cold here at the farm, temperatures dipping into the 30s although we haven’t had a real frost. Here is a picture of the last apples on the 14 trees. The crop was not great but enough and there is always next year to look forward to.
    last 3 apples 2014

  • Some Amazing Facts

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    All together the 400 wealthiest Americans are worth a staggering $2.29 trillion, up $270 billion from a year ago. That’s about the same as the gross domestic product of Brazil, a country of 200 million people. The average net worth of list members is $5.7 billion, $700 million more than last year and a record high. An impressive 303 of the 400 saw the value of their fortunes rise compared to a year ago.

    All of which tells you that the separation between rich and poor is growing wider each year. Nothing that I see is likely to change things in the near future. When I interviewed Jacques Barzun , the famous cultural historian he referred to himself as a cheerful negativist and saw the decline starting at the time of the First World War and steadilly going downhill since that time. He thought we still had a way to go.

    When I asked him what would change things he said, “some one will come along and say we are a bunch of ninnies and boobs, follow me and I’ll show you the way back.” He said the only way things would change would have to be driven by a new successful means of education.

    Now the thing that put this post in mind was an article I saw on the internet below:

    david tepper
    2013 Earnings: $3.5 billion
    Tepper has set a new standard for hedge fund managers. His track record has long been phenomenal, but since the financial crisis his returns have reached a whole new level. In 2013, the 56-year-old founder of Appaloosa Management outperformed the U.S. stock market and the vast majority of hedge fund managers, with his biggest fund posting net returns of more than 42%. Over the last five years, Tepper’s main hedge fund has generated annualized net returns of nearly 40%—and gross returns of some 50%. In what has almost become an annual tradition, Tepper gave back some cash to his investors at the end of the year.

  • Professional Football

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    Shaken Up, Got his Bell Rung,Stinger are terms that are no longer used in football. The new description is “showing signs of concussion” or torn ACL. Medicine has taken over for the sight of seeing someone taken off the field on a stretcher and years later dying of dementia or suicide.

    You would think I don’t like or approve of football but in fact I get depressed when the season is over. Of course this year I get depressed watching the Jets and Giants. I watched a lot of soccer during the World Cup and liked it a lot but it will never catch on big time in the US, reason…… can you guess?
    Advertising! Soccer doesn’t stop then they take an injured player off the field and doesn’t stop for time outs so there isn’t way to cram in all the ads.

  • Another Zucchini Story

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    This is the time of year that the zucchinis get out of hand. Wait a few weeks and you have one of these monsterszucchini giant

    I got on the internet and Googled “What do you do with a giant zucchini?” Most of the responses told you how to make soup or bread but there was one that actually suggested they might be eaten if prepared properly. I wont give the recipe but here are a few pictures showing the result. I ate half about three days ago. I don’t feel too well.zucchini 1zucchini 2zucchini 3

  • Restaurant Review Worth Watching

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    If you’ve never been to Grand Forks North Dakota, you don’t know much about the restuarants there but an 88 year old restaurant reviewer is worth watching and I for one love the Olive Garden salads! I’ve sent this post on to a friend whose family lives in Fargo and a doctor here who also was born and brought up in Fargo. The closest I ever came was when I visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota which was a sight to see.


  • Ford 1930 Model A Needs Work – $250

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    I look at Craig’s list from time to time for such things as old cider presses or bee equipment or old car parts. I came across this ad. Which must have been put in by a person with a great sense of homor.
    old model a

  • Radio Talk Show Host

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    I don’t usually take positions on political issues but this doozy shouldn’t be missed. After “Saying Women On Medicaid Should Be Sterilized,” Russell Pearce Resigns From Arizona GOP. In addition to being a politician he is also radio talk show host, about as well respected a profession as the used car salesman.

    Sadly this is the same party that produced Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

  • What’s Wrong With This Picture

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    Here is a mansion in florida that is being priced at $133 million, making it the most expensive private home offered in the US. Has the world gone mad?

    MANSION 133

    Here is another house being offered in Detroit for $1.00.detroit 1 dollar house

  • Wolves in Yellowstone Park

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    A reader sent this very interesting video that explores the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone. While the introduction of wild turkey about 15 years ago has been very successful here in Dutchess County and while there have been reports of Eastern wolves and Eastern mountain lions so far there have been few if any confirmed reports. Our neighbor got a poor photograph of a large cat which I will dig out and post below, it was probably a very large bobcat.